Monday 7 June 2010

Preened, primped and Plummered

Last night I caught up with the latest episode of Junior Apprentice, and my oh my were my flames of admiration for Zoe Plummer rekindled.

I wish I was brave enough to wear red lipstick.

Admittedly, I don’t much admire her business style, but I definitely have some serious wardrobe envy towards her. It certainly takes some nerve to negotiate deals wearing high-waisted shorts or mustard yellow tights, and her nautical jacket worn with white tights is ridiculously cute. She even managed to make a cupcake outfit look cool by topping it off with a red beret, as if it were the cherry on top.

That is one brave haircut missy.

What a shame that she threw a wobbly before meeting the tailor who bespoked (crikey Alan Sugar, quite a hip neologism there!) their outfits. I would have thought that would have been right up her street. Still, my disappointment was assuaged by Arjun’s smile. I actually could eat him up, he is that cute.

Nom nom nom.

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