Saturday 27 November 2010

glittery flittery twittery

My recent postings have probably made it obvious that anything GLITTERY or SPARKLY gets me HIGHLY EXCITED.

And as we gear up for Christmas, the multitude of sequins, diamantes, crystals and embellishments dazzling shops makes me liable to frenzied fits of glee. This year, the situation has become so acute that my friends are refusing to accompany me Christmas shopping unless I promise to calm down and be less of an embarrassment. I doubt I’ll be able to. Just look at these absolute gems (see what I did there?!):

Each row, from top to bottom:

Premium Cream Drop Waist Embellished Tunic
60's Sequin A-line Skirt
Nude Mesh Gem Embellished Leggings

Diamante Paisley Lace Bra
Snow Queen Maxi Dress
Knitted Winter White Crystal Slouchy Top

Limited Edition Cream Fringe Beaded Midi Dress
Premium Sequin Shimmy Skirt
Tiered Diamante Maxi Dress

Versus Oversize Gem Embellished Pumps
Diamante Ruch Bandeau Dress
Gem Covered Knicker Shorts

(All Topshop)

It’s not just Topshop that is offering copious amounts of glittery goodies that really do make my heart go all fluttery (their ‘Snow Queen’ collection being a particular case in point). Pretty much everywhere seems to be embracing embellishment with aplomb. How to protect your eyes from bedazzlement? With some equally dazzling Bvlgari diamante sunglasses, of course!

Ahhhh soooo preeeeettyyyyy ♥

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