Monday 24 January 2011


Perhaps it's a hangover from the seemingly limitless Roses being handed out at the nightclub I went to last night (forget alcohol, THAT is the way to lure me into the party, thank you very much), but the Armani Prive couture collection struck me as bearing a curious resemblance to my favourite jewel-like confections:

 Look #1: 'The Purple One'

 Look #2: 'The Green Triangle'

 Look #3: 'Strawberry Delight'

Look #4: 'Out of the blue'

All this talk of chocolate has reminded me that CREME EGG SEASON HAS ARRIVED!!! Sainsbury's watch out - you won't know what's hit you tomorrow morning.

P.S. My lovely friend Claire beat me to it in spotting the chic-n-mix trend this season. Clearly chocolate is big news for Spring. I'm certainly not complaining.

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