Monday, 14 February 2011

gastronomic glee

As a belated birthday present, mama and I went for lunch at a fantastical/incredible/fairy-tale/stunning/gorgeous (delete as appropriate) restaurant called Sketch last week. The decor of the building is sensational (it used to be a Christian Dior showroom) and we ate in the sumptuous Lecture Room and Library, which was like a dream.

This was just the starters. For two of us. Woah.

There were so many quirky details, like the amazing toilets (above), sharon fruit sushi, cardamom marshmallows, olive oil was a food snob's paradise. When we left, we passed the Parlour (where I am most definitely returning for afternoon tea when I'm next in that neck of the woods) and were given some free macarons to take away with us (in case the 5-course lunch hadn't fully satisfied us, I suppose).

Also, what is it about foreign waiters that makes them just so irresistibly charming?!

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