Wednesday 1 June 2011

Amarena in Ravenna

After a non-stop week we had a few days' despite in glorious Ravenna.

Beautiful sunset as we arrived on the coach

The sunshine was perfect weather for wandering around the gorgeous mosaics, doing window shopping, visiting Dante's tomb, relaxing on the beach, and drinking Spritzes whilst people-watching in pavement cafés.

 My dream dress

 Dante's tomb

Concert at Teatro Alighieri

 Stunning mosaics

Cartwheeling on the beach

We ate gelato (the Amarena, Cannella and Fico flavours were to die for), melt-in-the-mouth scallops and handmade cannoli from cute bakeries, and enjoyed a fabulous staff dinner of cheese souffle with candied figs followed by John Dory with a flaked almond crust with sweet and sour orange sauce )washed down with plenty of vino bianco, of course).

Gorgeous hairstyle courtesy of my lovely Dutch friend Tessel

If only every meal ended with handmade fig ice cream from a gelateria...

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