Monday 25 July 2011

chowing and chewing on cheung chau island

Last week we took a ferry to Cheung Chau island, a tiny place where local residents spend their weekends on the beach and eating seafood in restaurants overlooking the sea.

Farewell Hong Kong...
...hello Cheung Chau!

There are no cars on the island; it's so small that you can walk or cycle (or be cycled) everywhere. Whilst there we explored a few temples, discovered a pirate cove, walked along the beach, had afternoon tea at Hometown Teahouse (owned by a lovely Japanese lady who couldn't have made us feel more welcome), ate huge skewers of frozen fruit and cinnamon sugar-coated fried apple crisps, and enjoyed incredible seafood whilst watching the sunset.

Choose your fish...and then eat it at the restaurant next door!

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