Thursday, 14 July 2011

HIGH tea

Yesterday we went to the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong for their incredible Chocolate Afternoon Tea in the Chocolate Library. Its proportions were epic in every sense of the word - in fact, it's the highest tea in the world, located on the 103rd floor of the International Commerce Centre in Kowloon.

The food was an absolute dream - even the savoury nibbles had a chocolate component! We all had the Signature Dark Hot Chocolate (a meal in itself...) and had to seriously pace ourselves for fear of being outdone by the mighty Chocolate Box, but three hours later we emerged triumphant - and about two stone heavier. Bliss.

The menu
Signature Dark Hot Chocolate
Exterior and interior of the magic chocolate box

When we asked if the air conditioning could be turned down a little, not only did they immediately do so, but they even brought us cashmere shawls (in Ritz-Carlton presentation boxes, of course) to wear so that we would warm up!

The Chocolate Library overlooks a restaurant called Tosca, which is equally stunning:

Huge vases filled with marshmallows and chocolate raisins (just in case we hadn't eaten enough chocolate...)

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