Sunday 7 August 2011

death by chocolate

Last night we walked along the river to the stunning Marina Bay Sands hotel, watching the sunset.


We then went to the Skypark at the top of the hotel to take full advantage of their lavish Chocolate Bar. The food was ridiculous - everything was so beautifully crafted and rich so we had to pace ourselves over 5 hours in order to savour each one without being sick!

Candied hazelnuts and macadamias, banana steamed chocolate, fresh fruits, chocolate bread and butter pudding
Milk chocolate passion macarons, mixed berries tart, orange mousse with fruits de soleil, mixed berry compote with berry chocolate

White chocolate coconut macarons, milk chocolate passion macarons, dark chocolate mint macarons, lemon crunch bavarois, white chocolate green tea tiramisu, white chocolate banana parfait

Various cookies, javara lime tarts, caramel mousse with hazelnut cream, raspberry whim

Mango soursoup pudding, cream cheese nutty tart,cheesecake pops, hazelnut royal, hazelnut orange chocolate ghana

Hazelnut fianciers, early grey exotic cream, chocolate nougat torte, dark chocolate raspberry mousse, opera torte, ivara passion fruit chocolate

Chocolate fianciers, pistachio fianciers, nuts and truffles

The views were absolutely incredible, and there was even an infinity pool across the entire Skypark - we were in heaven!

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