Friday 26 November 2010

Chezz’s drezzes

I do not watch The X Factor. I realise this makes me a boring old fart, but the sob stories fail to move me, the persistent advertisement breaks are intolerable, and I find myself worryingly alarmed by the number of weirdos our society seems capable of churning out year after year during the audition process.

I do, however, subscribe to newsletters. I realise this also makes me a somewhat hypocritical slave to fashion, with its comparable wealth of advertising and freaks of nature, but we can agree to disagree on that one.

Last week, this love-hate relationship between the two was strangely reconciled in my daily fashion update courtesy of Vogue’s emails. The website ran a feature on Cheryl Cole’s dresses, and I suddenly discovered a somewhat arbitrary interest for the show based on Chezza’s sartorial choices. Man do I have some wardrobe envy for that girl. Here are a few of my favourites:

Dress by Bodyamr

Dress by Roberto Cavalli

Dress by HMH Couture

On the other end of the extreme, woah there! WHAT ON EARTH was her hairstylist thinking here? It's like Princess Leia gone horrendously wrong. Either that, or some furry creature has decided to nest itself in her barnet. Yikes.

Looking back over my favourites, they're all long gowns as opposed to the thigh-skimming specimens Cheryl favoured in her Girls Aloud days. Call me conservative, but (above example excepted) these are so much more elegant. Looking beautiful isn't always about showing the most amount of leg. Sometimes you can let the dress do the talking.

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