Monday, 22 November 2010

I’ve found a golden ticket!!! (Cambridge celeb spotting #3)

Last week it was Turkish delight. This week I’ve moved on to chocolate. And not just any old chocolate either, but a certain ‘Charlie and the-’ chocolate that constituted YET ANOTHER super-duper exciting celeb sighting. Yes indeedy, I met Charlie Bucket himself a few days ago – or, as he prefers to be called, Freddie Highmore.

I suppose I should have asked him where he parks his great glass elevator in Cambridge, or if the oompa loompas can be relied on to keep the factory in check whilst he focuses on his studies, but he was so shy (and I was so overwhelmed…) that I developed an inopportune case of Stickjaw and settled for a humble shake of his hand instead.

Nevertheless, I think my golden ticket to making a slightly less embarrassing impression might well have arrived – in the form of a ball (and no, not a gumball of Violet Bauregard-style thrills, but a ball of splendiferous music and dancing and all sorts of other fantabulous high-jinks to get excited about). Next week, Fitzwilliam College is holding its winter ball, and the theme is…Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!!! I can hardly contain my excitement. My goal for this week (other than finding the time to complete three extended essays and trying to understand the obscure German used to describe Faust’s encounters with devilish poodles) is undoubtedly to ask him to be my date. It WILL happen, I’m convinced of it. After all, as Verruca Salt’s ticket-procuring methods proved, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Date sorted, however, I still need to consider my outfit. Googling confectionery-related attire led me to an impossibly cute website called Rachel Riley that certainly fulfilled the frothy, sugary, Verruca Salt-style criteria I was after. The clothing line is absolutely adorable and there are even some candy-inspired outfits that wouldn’t go amiss in a ‘choc’-full utopia:

Cake Print Button Front Dress, £69
Tea Party Embroidered Blouse, £55 

Cake Smocked Dress, £119

Unfortunately, however, their sizes only go up to 14 years, and if I’m going to take full advantage of the unlimited chocolate fountains, candyfloss, popcorn and other saccharine offerings available, I might look more like Augustus Gloop than a cutesy little girl by the end of the evening. Definitely not ideal. Perhaps I should just go as an oompa loompa after all…

P.S. Continuing on the chocolate theme, it's got to that time of year again when Lindt bring out their Lindor adverts. Watch at your peril.
Excuse me while I wipe the dribble off my keyboard.

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